Letter to Senator Casey

Senator Casey, I’m quite concerned with the recent news of a health-care reform “compromise”. Unfortunately, I cannot speak from first-hand knowledge, since we, the American Public, haven’t been able to read the final version of the bill – a bill shrouded in secrecy. I suspect with all the back-door dealing, you haven’t read the entire bill either.

According to reports, the bill includes “compromise” language which intends to allay fears over abortion coverage being provided with tax-payer money.

You and I disagree on many issues; however, I respect your stand on abortion – much in the same way I appreciated and admired your father’s willingness to run contrary to the DNC position on abortion.

Allow me to be clear – any “compromise” on abortion funding isn’t as much a compromise as it is a slippery slope to federal funding for the heinous murder of the unborn child. Allowing states to exempt themselves from abortion funding isn’t a victory for the rights of the unborn child. It’s a shady attempt to appease a vocal majority of Americans who will stand on principal to protect those who cannot fight for themselves.

Meaningful healthcare reform is needed in our country, but the versions offered by the current Administration and Congress falls WAY short of anything meaningful. Meaningful reform which reduces heathcare costs should include important issues like tort reform and government regulation.

While the current version precludes a public option for healthcare, the American public is not naive to the desire of administration and congressional leaders to include such an option, whether it be now, or in the future. Should the government overstep its bounds and enter a sphere appropriately occupied only by private enterprise, the government will thereby be both provider and watchdog. Such a system has no checks and balances, and will ultimately be corrupted and ineffectively.

I urge you to vote NO to the current bill. Senator, I’m sure you understand that compromise isn’t possible in dealing with issues of the unborn child. Compromise on firm principles is never a means to an end – it is moral defeat!


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