Worship Leading CD

I’ve recorded some worship songs. My neighbor, Rick Johns (Studio 615), provided much needed assistance!  Track 3 is an original song I wrote 3 years ago.  I hope you enjoy them… (Right click and select “save as” to save them to your hard drive)

1. Days of Elijah m4a mp3
2. Ancient of Days m4a mp3
3. Yours and Yours Alone m4a mp3
4. I Sing Praises to Your Name m4a mp3
5. Here I Am to Worship m4a mp3
6. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name m4a mp3
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2 Responses to Worship Leading CD

  1. Ben L says:

    Nice work Brandon. The recordings are great! What piano were you playing? It had great tone.

  2. dmusicstud says:


    I used a software piano called “Synthogy Ivory”. It’s a sampled Steinway 9 ft Grand. I used a Yamaha P90 keyboard to control the MIDI software.

    My neighbor handled the recordings – he does great work. Hard to believe the whole project was recorded on my Mac!

    Hope all is well – thanks for visiting the site!

    - Brandon